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R J Mitchell Studio Photo's
R J Mitchell Studio Photo's  

"This is the finest statue of my father that has ever been produced”      Gordon Mitchell


R J Mitchell was the brilliant young designer most commonly known for the design of high speed aircraft for the Schneider Trophy races. Mitchell’s greatest legacy was the Spitfire single seat fighter, a masterpiece of practical engineering design that he would never see fly in combat,  although he did see the prototype K5054 fly before his untimely death on 11th June 1937 aged just forty-two.
There is a excellent website honouring his life in aviation www.rjmitchell-spitfire.co.uk

For this commission, I had the pleasure of working with Mitchell’s only son Gordon during 2004/5. He helped a great deal with capturing the likeness and spiritual presence of his Father. I can recommend his book, “ schooldays to spitfire”  by Dr Gordon Mitchell available from Tempus Publishing. ISBN 9780752437279

I decided to portray Mitchell standing at his drawing board in the summer of 1936 working on the “type drawing” of the prototype K5054, sleeves pushed up showing the viewer the “hands on” designer that he most certainly was and carrying the expression one would expect of a man given the task of designing Britain’s frontline fighter.
The entire sculpture is made of slate, including the drawing board which can actually tilt (enabling me to erect the sculpture on site) with the drawing of the prototype K5054 carved onto the drawing board.
The Statue took more than 2000 hours to create and was unveiled on 15th September 2005 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and is permanently housed in the Science Museum on Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London.
Details at www.sciencemuseum.org.uk

R J Mitchell in the Science Museum    
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